Tuesday, September 13, 2016

{ Cabinet Door Crafts }

I love costume jewelry.....
fishhook earrings and pretty necklaces!
 The problem is where to store them where they're easily accessible, 
so I came up with jewelry holders out of cabinet doors.

I painted and distressed a cabinet door and screwed cup hooks into it to hold my necklaces and bracelets.
  This hangs on the wall behind the door so it's not really seen.

Another cabinet door with the center removed and a piece of chicken wire inserted and stapled in place makes the perfect hanger for my MANY earrings.
I hung this one on the side of an old armoire.

How about you?
Are you addicted to necklaces and earrings, too?
If so, how do you store yours?


  1. Pretty Nifty I'd say .....AND you do have plenty of jewelry ... LOL ... this is a thought ....

  2. I hardly ever wear a necklace and when I do wear earrings I like the hook type. Good idea for storage.

  3. Hi Deb! Your way of hanging and displaying your jewelry is really great. You can see it all so clearly and make good choices! When I was younger, I would save egg cartons and use each slot for a different pair of earrings. Now, I have a jewelry wardrobe. It's a great upgrade from old egg cartons. But, I can't see everything at a glance like you can. Brilliant idea, and very cute too!

  4. What a great idea! I have a jewelry box that was my mother's. So far it's working but I do like this idea. I love your ear rings.

  5. You're so creative, Deb! Enjoy...

  6. Mrs Deb - this is pure genius!

  7. My thing is bracelets. But now that my hair is short I'll be wearing earrings again. I've been keeping them in an old sewing box which sits on the floor and both sides open up. I love your idea though. You can see everything at a glance. Great idea.

  8. Nice!
    Fellow addict here

  9. Those are lovely creative ideas. Long ago I used to hang my jewellery on a special round hanger in the closet but that wasn't satisfactory. Now I solved the issue by putting cup hooks directly into the wall near my dresser drawer and close to my closet. The space is perfect for my necklaces.

  10. I forgot to mention what I do with the bangles and bracelets. I keep these in the small leftover space in my sock drawer (top drawer) and my earrings are in various stashes according to when I might them (several in bathroom in containers and others in my sock drawer if they are less frequently worn).

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this. So clever!!!

  12. Great idea! I may be looking for an old cabinet door!!

  13. Great ideas! I have far too much jewelry, but Joe got me one of those jewelry cases with the full-length mirror on the front and it works great for me!


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