Friday, June 22, 2018

[ Friday Foto Friends #135 }

I mustache you a question?
Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

So, how's everybody doing?
Did you have a good week?
Is it hotter than blue blazes in your neck of the woods like it has been here?
yesterday we got rain!
Glorious rain, Y'all!

I almost forgot about getting pics of the garden and these aren't the best quality because I was trying to stand on my head.....
which, by the way, is not good for somebody who suffers from vertigo!

I think I'll be picking beans next week!

I've already pulled one off and popped into my mouth!
So yummy!

 Green beans -
 I thought I planted the rows pretty far apart, but it's a jungle in there!

  And, talk about a jungle -
these are the maters!

  Cucumbers -
and I don't think they're going to do well unless some bees decide to pollinate them. I've only gotten two and they are loaded with blooms.

 Spider Lace -
these come up volunteer every summer from seeds that fall into the garden. I love these flowers - 
Pappy, not so much.
They're an heirloom because they originally came from my paternal Grandmother, Mammie,  many years ago.

 When these get ripe, they'll be "purple" -
my favorite tomatoes!

 As I was walking back from the garden I spotted a lightning bug on this flower!
Are lightning bugs more plentiful where you live this year?
They are here!

My newest garden flag!

No truer words were ever spoken!
And, yes, that's a rusty gas can.
If you know me well, then you know I have a love of all things rusty!

Somebody tell me the name of this flower.
I moved it from another part of the yard last year and it's growing like crazy in its new location!

And, last but not least, a flower our grand girl picked for me on the "field trip" we went on a few weeks ago!

So, that's that about that!
(something my Mammie used to say)

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!
We'll be entertaining the grandkiddos this evening -  
makes Nannie's heart happy!

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  1. What a wonderful garden and lovely flowers. Your tomatoes look so delicious. Lightening bugs have become few and far between here in my part of upstate New York. I remember as a child we would stand in the dark just watching so many light up the lot across the street in the Bronx. Have a blessed day ahead dear Debbie.

  2. Some great images. You made me laugh with the first one. Thanks for that. Your garden is growing a lot better than mine! Have a happy weekend.

  3. Love, love, love your garden pictures! Wish I could come enjoy some fresh green beans and tomatoes, and the cucumbers whenever they do develop. We don't see a lot of lightning bugs here in Florida, but then again, I haven't been outside watching for them. It gets dark so late right I will try to remember to look tonight. So happy for you to have your grandkids coming. What a blessing to have them near. Our one and only is three days away in Maine, and now that he's graduated I don't know how often he will have time to come down to visit his old grandma and grandpa...His life is ready to "take off" into the future. Praying all the time for him. Love your flags too. Thank you for making this little happy place available for us to gather each week. It's like sitting on the porch together and swapping stories from our week. I love it.

  4. Pray big...amen!

    Grandkids spoiled here... :-D

    Lovely flowers!

  5. We don't see many lightning bugs and is it normal for them to be out in the daytime? Your garden is beautiful and those tomatoes ... yummy! Nothing like a fresh tomato. It's great that you have your grandchildren nearby to spoil. I hope someone tells you the name of that flower. I may copy your pic and ask a friend of mine. It's pretty.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful and so are your veggies. Yummy! The Spider lace is beautiful, but not so much the name. I hate spiders! lol

    I really like the picture with the lightning but on the flower. We have tons of lightning buts this year, but I don't know if it's any more than norman.

    Hope you have a grand time with the grandkids tonight!

  7. Nice garden! I love your mustache joke and the yoke photo too.
    I planted no veggies this year at all. I will miss my tomatoes.

  8. Your garden is doing well!! I'm sure the rain helped. What a blessing to have fresh veggies... and especially the tomatoes! I don't know flowers from weeds, so can't help with your question. Happy weekend!

  9. Well, today is another day of 109° as was yesterday. Just too hot for a garden here in Phoenix; gardens in the past were fried by this time, so no more outside gardens. Just silk flowers planted in pots.
    I haven't seen lightning bugs since I lived in Maryland many years ago. My grandson (he was 2 then, he's 22 now) and I used to sit on the front steps and watch them blinking in the bushes. That was a lot of fun then!
    Is your last picture Pink Phlox? So pretty!

  10. Very beautiful garden. Very lovely. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Wow! Your garden looks amazing... you will be reaping a large harvest soon, always fun, and well worth the work! Summer has been so very busy here as well, I've not had much time inside on the computer. It was so nice to stop by and "visit" with you tonight! It will be a while before our tomatoes are ready to eat, but yours look amazing! We don't have lightning bugs here, sadly! Blessings and hugs :)


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24