Thursday, June 21, 2018

{ Thursday Thoughts }

As I'm typing this, I keep glancing out the window at a flowering bush that is full of honey bees. That just makes my happy to see the bees going from blossom to blossom gathering nectar. I've heard that they're getting scarce....the bees, I mean.....and there's a problem this year with cucumbers developing on the vines because of a lack of bees to pollinate them. Isn't that sad?


We've hit a dry spell here in our neck of the woods and haven't had rain in over two weeks. Pappy has been so faithful to keep my little garden watered and it looks amazing and I've even gotten a couple of cucumbers already. Fotos tomorrow might be of my garden since I don't have much else to share.


But, we're supposed to get rain today and tomorrow.
It's cloudy and my joints hurt!!!

I'm disappointed in Amazon Prime!
I've gotten hooked on the show "Poirot" and now the only way we can watch it on AP is to buy a subscription to Britbox.
No, thanks!



We haven't had to mow our yard in close to two weeks.....or my Mom's.....because it's so dry!
And, have you noticed that if I didn't have the weather to talk about I'd pretty much have nothing to say?

Do any of you have a "she shed"?
I'm REALLY wanting one! 
I want to use it to store "my" tools and also to make a portion of it a war room! I get excited just thinking about it, Y'all! Here's one I saw on the Instagram account of Fresh Eggs Daily. Isn't it adorable? I want mine to have a little front porch so that I can put a couple of chairs on it to sit with friends and I'd love electricity and an air conditioner and I've already landscaped it in my head and I'd love a rain chain and wreaths on the door and I can just picture it decorated for Christmas!
 Hey, a girl can dream, right?!?!?

Fresh Eggs Daily

Be still my heart.....

Lighter Side Of Real Estate compiled a beautiful look into the sheds that women built for themselves and we are seriously obsessed with the creativity and ...


Y'all know how much I love to craft!
Here's what I'm gonna try my hand at next.
I bought some spoons and knives at a thrift store yesterday 4/$1 so I'm not out much if I mess them up!


Wouldn't they be cute to turn into a wind chime, or to stick in plants?


Am I the only one who hasn't had any hummingbirds this summer? I don't know what's wrong. I put out fresh nectar twice and did see one flit around the feeders, but they never returned. I so enjoy them every summer. The only thing I can think of is that I put one of those paper bags tied up on the front porch to keep away wasps (and it really works, Y'all). Would that deter the hummers since the feeders are right beside the porch?


Another question?
If you're a blogger and you have it set to review comments before they're posted, have you quit getting the e-mail that shows you have a comment? I have! I've gotta go directly to my dashboard to comments "awaiting moderation".  It's a little more time-consuming and also I often forget, so if you don't see your comment show up quickly, that's why.
Anybody else?


And, since I don't post a lot of personal fotos on my blog I thought I'd share a couple with Y'all today. If we're Facebook friends, you've already seen them! These two people mean the absolute world to me!

 Pappy and Nannie

Jessica and her Daddy


I've probably shared this before, but I'm sooooo grateful to the good Lord above that Pappy and I are both retired and can enjoy life together in our "golden years". That was a desire of my heart and God granted it.


I could probably ramble on, but I'll stop right there because we're heading out to run some errands!

HOPE everybody has a day chock full of blessings!


  1. Love your post today...Can't wait to see your pictures of your garden. And about that "she-shed"...I LOVE it, and have wanted one for SO long, but I want it to also be a kind of guest cottage for those adventuresome enough to sleep outside and watch the bears pass by in the night...LOL. I've dreamed about it so much that it hurts. We do have an available shed now that our son got married and moved all his carpentry tools to his new home, but we still have our own tools in there and occasionally someone wants to saw something and make it's not quite ready for a "she-shed" yet...but I am still dreaming about it... Love that you and hubby are retired and can enjoy life together. My hubby and I are also home together, and it is fun...although we don't have much $$ so we don't go too many places (this last trip was a huge splurge, but it was our grandson's graduation). Your picture of the spoons and knives or whatever didn't show up, btw. And yes, blogger has changed some things that keep us from getting the emails about comments. However if you click the little "notify me" box under the comments, you should get emails still, I think... try it and see.

  2. Great photos of you and your daughter with her daddy. I have lots of honey bees buzzing around my vitex tree. I know you could get better photos than me, but I think I may post a video of them. We have one hummingbird who visits. He doesn't go to the feeder, he sits on a little clothesline I have on the patio. Weird. He just takes a rest.

  3. No shortage of bees in my neck of the woods. I've already gotten stung twice this year.
    We've actually had a good amount of rain and sun with a mix of each for the last few days. Very changeable weather here!!
    No she shed for me. I have a enough with two houses right now. : )

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post and think you had plenty to offer today! I did see those photos on FB but loved seeing them again! There are some really cute "she sheds" out there and your dream shed is very cute! Let us know when it happens!!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24