Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Proverbs 17:6
Children's children are the crown of old men....

Children's children...grandchildren....are the crown of old men....and old women, too!!! We kept our grandsons for a bit last night while Daddy and Mommy got to go out alone for a while...even though they wound up going to get groceries...bless their hearts...can you tell they're old married people?!? ha! ha!

Anyway...I just want everybody to know how I feel about our grandsons. I love my daughter so, so much...and her hubby, too....but the feeling that you have for a grandchild is just so different. I think it has something to do with the fact that your baby has had a baby of her own, and you are a part of that child. When he says "Nana", and raises those little arms for me to pick him up....my heart absolutely melts. I was sitting on the porch in the rocker holding little bit while he slept, and Pappy was riding Grandson #1 around on the "mow" (without the blade engaged...that statement is for his Mommy)....and I said a prayer of thanks to God because I have to be the most blessed person alive!!!

Thank you, Lord, for my family...thank you for those 2 precious little blue-eyed angels you've blessed us with!!!

(And thank you for their Daddy and Mommy, too!!!)

Isaiah 11:6.....and a little child shall lead them.


  1. Deb,
    You truly are a wonderful mother and grandmother. You understand how important family is in your life and enjoy life to the fullest that's what God wants us to do. I tell my mom and sister when we spend the day together shopping usually in Knoxville and people look at us funny and if they just had what we have in our life then they would understand. People need to understand Christian with God in their life just have more fun and enjoy life.

  2. Marenda, you are so right!! Jack and I were talking on Saturday, and I truly don't think I would have gotten closer in my walk with God if I hadn't quit working. It was a very difficult, thought out decision, but the Holy Spirit kept prompting me that it was what I was supposed to do, and God has taken care of us every step of the way!!! He is awesome!!!

  3. i love that pic. this year you may be borrowing my camera and taking pics of my family!!! my personal assistant!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24