Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall has fallen....all over my house!!!

Ms. Rhoda with Southern Hospitality is having a
"It's Fall, Y'All" I'm joinin' in!!!

Did y'all know that it's official?

It's Fall, Y'all!!!

According to what I heard on TV this past was scheduled to arrive at 5:18 P.M.

Now....please tell me how they can be so precise as to the time?

But...if you were to drive by my would be able to tell from my front yard what time of year it is. is ALREADY covered in leaves!!!! It's unreal. We have several Tulip Poplar trees...and they are the very first to put out their leaves....and the very first to drop them back off!!! I love this time of year...and I love my home...


How old do your grandsons have to be to hire them to do chores like that???

Are 3 years old and going on 2...too young?

I don't think so, either!!!!

Anyway....just wanted to share with y'all a few of my "fall" decorations from around the house!!!

I didn't take any pics outside....I'll try to later on and share those with you, too!!!

First of all....I don't' decorate for Halloween...but....I bought 2 of these little melamine Jack-O-Lantern plates....for the boys to eat off of when they're here....$1.00/each at Dollar Tree
(they also had skulls...but I DO NOT LIKE SKULLS!!!)

Candle holders, candles, leaves, pumpkins, a "big nut" with a squirrel on top...sitting on the curio cabinet!!!

On my sofa table in the Living Room.

I love the table runner...I got it at Big Lots after Thanksgiving last year...for around a dollar!!! It's black with fall leaves all over it. I'm pretty sure you can click on the pics to make them larger so you can see better details.

Remember my "simple" wreath I shared with y'all on Monday?'s where she found a home.

See the lamp...isn't it GORGEOUS!!! It's heavy as lead. There's a little story behind that lamp....we bought it for my mother-in-law for Christmas....actually the year Jess got it was in 2001. When things were being divided up, several of the family members wanted it...and so did we. The way things were divided....the "lot' fell on Pappy....and he got the lamp....same thing happened with several other things that God just blessed us to receive!!!!

Ain't God good??? Oh, yes He is!!!

And...see the "Give Thanks" sitting on top of the ship?
My sweet friend, Ms. Dawn, gave me that....because she knows how I love all things metal...and rusty!!!

This is in my kitchen....I just sorta took things from other parts of the house and stuck it all together. Have I ever told you how much I love scarecrows?

Well, I do!!
Sitting on the kitchen table.

Candle holder in the back came from AmVets, the thrift store.

I've had the frame for holds a Thanksgiving card I bought at Dollar General Store (I shared this with y'all last year!!!) The cornucopia came from Dollar General Store, too....after Thanksgiving last year....for about 90% off!! The pumpkin on top of the candle came from DGS, too!!!
They have some really neat seasonal items.

Speaking of....Jess bought me four (4)....4th of July, white and blue....gorgeous....for FIFTEEN CENTS DGS!!!! GORGEOUS fall flag.

Did you know I love, I do!!!

It's hard to tell from this pic...but...I was sitting in the living room at the computer one afternoon, and the front door was open. I happened to look out and the sun was shining so pretty right on the cardinal in the I hurriedly grabbed the camera!!! See how bright and pretty he is?
So...that's that about do y'all decorate for FALL?!?!?



  1. I see so many things I like. I like your fall flag. I have a few bluebirds in my backyard, but the cardinal is certainly much more fall looking. I must say I love the Owl saying on your true :-)

    Thank you for sharing and please stop by and say hello. Happy Fall.

  2. Hello my sweet new friend! I love your blog. And your blog name too! Thank you for sharing your Fall inspiration. My fave is your arrangement on the kitchen table!


  3. Hello,
    I love your blog!
    I'm new to blogging and
    I was wondering where you put the code for your music player? Thank's -Melissa

  4. Melissa...I couldn't get in touch with you thru a blog, so I'm leaving your answer here..hope you get it. I got the code for my music player thru PlayList (html code). Go to your dashboard...then to "add a gadget" to "add html code" and past the code you got from Playlist there. Then, you can place it where you want on your blog! Does this make sense? Thanks for visiting me!


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